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As a general rule, I loathe logo T-shirts. They’re brash and in-your-face. I don’t want Daisy to be have Elsa or Cinderella plastered across her front. There’s just one problem, Daisy loves them. With a passion.

I discovered this to my detriment when a friend of mine gave Daisy a pair of My Little Pony tops from H&M for her birthday. Admittedly, she gave me some warning with a text on the day. “Daisy will love her present, you will hate it”. She was right. I had no idea that Daisy was going to wear those tops every day that she possibly could. For months and months.

Various thoughts have gone through my head. Should I hide them, keep them in the laundry or even throw them away? But I am not a mean mother, and I couldn’t do any of them. So I shut up and put up.

Anyway, the good news is that their life span is coming to an end. They have holes in the sleeves and are starting to get a little on the small side. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief (until the next birthday). I have even gone as far as to replace, yes replace, them with, what I consider to be a ‘cool’ version. Next do a washed out, retro My Little Pony T-shirt, which I actually don’t mind at all.

Which brings me to my next point. Some logo T-shirts can be cool. If they’re retro or vintage-looking, they work for me. Daisy has a striped Mini Boden T-shirt with a rainbow splashed across it, which sadly they no longer do, and we both love it. I’ve also just ordered her a Little Bird by Jools, Jools Oliver’s range for Mothercare, 70s-style rainbow long-sleeved top which will be great with jeans in the winter.

Now all I have to do is get Daisy out of leggings and into jeans…



1. Next My Little Pony Soft Washed Tee, from £12

2. Novelty-Characters My Little Pony Mint Green T-Shirt, £10.90

3. Fruugo Rolling Stones T-Shirt, £9.99

4. Little Bird by Jools Rainbow Raglan T-Shirt, from £7

5. Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Top, £7.50

6. Little Bird by Jools Rainbow Shooting Star T-Shirt, from £6