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This post is going to be short and sweet, because it’s about one thing, and one thing only, the best mascara EVER!

I went to stay with family over Christmas, and for the second time in a year, forgot my make-up bag. This always involves an emergency dash to Boots – this time on Christmas Eve – to get the essentials. I always carry several lip glosses and lipsticks in my bag, so I stocked up on the bare basics which were simply a BB cream and a mascara. Neither did I want to spend a great deal, as I knew that in four days time, I would be re-united with my make-up bag back home.

It was pouring with rain and I had other things on my list of ‘last minute things to do’, so I literally grabbed the first mascara (No7 Stay Perfect Mascara, £12,95) that I saw at the No7 counter.

I have always had a problem with mascara. For me, it’s like looking for the right hairdresser, I still haven’t found ‘the one’. Whatever brand I try, cheap or expensive, designer or high street, without fail, it smudges during the day and I end up with panda eyes by the end of the afternoon.

So what makes this the best mascara ever? It’s just not like normal mascara. Instead of coating the lashes with gloopy black stuff, it coats them with fibres (I don’t know how else to describe them), which don’t clog and stay put all day. The only tricky part is getting it off, but it just requires holding your cleansing wipe or cotton wool pad a little longer on the lashes, and you can literally see the fibres coming off. It’s brilliant.

I for one, have been converted, so whatever you do Boots, never change or get rid of this mascara please!

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