I really like clothes. I’m also *coughs* 40-something, a former Beauty Editor (Marie Claire, Harpers & Queen), a journalist (Vogue, Red, Elle, Grazia, Sunday Times Style, Telegraph, Stella, Guardian Weekend) and a working mum.

I spend way too much time shopping online. I love the thrill of finding that dress that nobody else will have, or the bag that stands out in the crowd. I decided that it made sense for me to share my hours of research and reveal my secret finds, as well as my favourite classics and essential pieces.

While I love fashion with a genuine passion, my life is far from ‘glamorous’! I do the school run everyday, walk the dog, do the food shopping, go to the gym, squeeze in my work, ferry my daughter here there and everywhere, and struggle to juggle it all. I may do it in glitter flats (or wish I did), but I’m also realistic.

I’m not 20 anymore, I’m not even in my 30s, but while I still want to shop in TopShop and H&M, I also want practical, stylish and long lasting clothes that have a timeless quality to them. I love individuality, but I also want to look like me, and I want those pieces that make me feel ‘special’.

It’s women such as Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Anya Hindmarch and Yasmin LeBon (she’s 50!), that inspire me, not the girls like Cara D (very cute, very entertaining, but very young).

Women in their 40s are not only the fastest growing sector in the fashion market, but they’re stealing the ad campaigns too (Kate for Burberry, Julia Roberts for Lancome, Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein and Courtney Love for Saint Laurent Paris). We’re in good company!

So why The Yellow Dress? It’s simple really. I have a vintage yellow dress that hangs in my wardrobe. I couldn’t afford it, but I fell in love with it and when I wear it, I feel as though I can conquer the world.

Whether it’s a pair of gold shoes for the office, a cashmere sweater for the school run or a little lace number for a night out with the girls, it’s about having those key pieces in your wardrobe that inspire you to be who you really are.

I hope that with my help, you will be able to find your yellow dress, and many more like it.

Tamara x