I have a new beauty obsession and that is Joan Collins’ makeup range. I’ve loved Joan Collins since I was a child. I doubt there is anyone from our generation who wasn’t siding with either Alexis or Crystal in Dynasty in the 1980s. Personally, I was with Alexis of course, pure glamour through and through.

I then had the terrifying moment of meeting the ‘Queen of Hollywood’ herself, when in 1994 she edited an issue of Marie Claire magazine when I was a mere beauty assistant. While I quaked in my kitten heels, she was the epitome of glamour, sophistication and haughty beauty.

So when it came to launching a line of beauty products, Timeless Beauty, it would only seem right that it is elegant, slightly retro and very very glamorous, right from the Art Deco packaging to lipstick names such as Alexis, Crystal and Lady Joan. And of course, the fact that Joan’s famous face is plastered all over the packaging just seems perfectly apt too.

Today I am wearing Divine Lips in Crystal (although I would have preferred Alexis of course), and it is in fact the perfect red (see below). It’s a creamy formulation and although not as long lasting as my M.A.C. lipsticks, it will definitely be a permanent feature in my makeup bag from now on. I’m hoping there’s a matching shade for killer nails too.





At the moment, I seem to constantly have chipped nail polish. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but I’m yet to find a nail polish that doesn’t chip after one day of wear, and I simply don’t have the time to redo my nails every other day.

There was a time during the late ’90s when chipped nail polish was considered ultra cool and rock ‘n’ roll. I had started working on new magazine at the time, and coming from the then Harpers & Queen, I knew all about being ‘well groomed’. The fashion editor was the super talented Steph Stevens, who is now contributing fashion editor for The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, and she would stroll into work in scruffy jeans, a Metallica T-shirt, and chipped nail polish. It was a ‘look’, and it showed that she was far too cool to care.

It was a relief, I could let my hair down, save time on manicure appointments (being a beauty editor, they were free so cost wasn’t an issue), and just relish in looking ‘undone’. But all that said, I was in my twenties, and you can get away with so much more when you’re young and carefree.

I’m now in my forties, an age where I feel I should know better, and I have to admit that at times I’m even conscious of my chipped nail polish on the school run. Obviously if I was going out or had an important meeting I would make the effort and make sure my nails were perfect, but I’ve had more important things on my mind recently.

However, whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, Garance Doré, I discovered that it’s currently considered to be very Parisian to keep on your slightly chipped red nail polish. So there you have it. I have been the epitome of chic for the last few months without even realising it. If you see me on the school run, just remember to say ‘bonjour’!

What are your thoughts on chipped nail polish? Yes or no?





I have finally found the secret elixir of youth so that we can all look ten years younger! It’s not a cream, it’s not a lotion, it’s not a potion, and it’s not a pill. It’s a rather wonderful little app called Facetune.

Okay, the truth is that you’re not going to look in the mirror one morning and literally look ten years younger. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that you can pull off looking ten years younger in any photograph. Yes, it’s cheating but who cares?

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin came to stay and we took some selfies in the park. It was harsh viewing, seeing our lines and creases in stark reality, and we spent the evening messing about with Facetune. Whitening teeth, smoothing out lines and creases, reducing ageing spots and freckles, you can even brighten lipstick and nail polish.

However, you do need to exercise caution with Facetune, otherwise you will get found out. I had been noticing on Instagram lately, some of my friends looking particularly ‘airbrushed’. My tip is to leave the odd imperfection, because it is the imperfections that make us who are we after all. And nobody wants to look like a mannequin.

Treat it with respect, and I promise you that Facetune will be your best friend.









I went away this weekend, and it was only when I got there, to my horror, that I discovered I had left my make-up bag at home. The question was, could I get through the weekend without any make-up? Luckily, I didn’t have to, as I had the bare make-up essentials in my handbag and they did the job.

My make-up essentials included M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Foundation, M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger, and Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish in Kensington Passage. It was just by chance that I had decided to use this weekend away to give myself a manicure and had taken my nail polish.

It felt strangely liberating not putting ‘my face on’, and there are times when a slick of lipstick is all it requires. If I had been away for longer than a couple of days, I would have bought myself a mascara, and this would have made my make-up essentials complete.

So from now on, I might add a mascara to my handbag and who cares if I forget my make-up again!


1. Nails Inc London Nail Polish in St James, £14

2. Ciaté Crème Nail Polish in Boudoir, £9

3. Models Own Nail Polish in Red Alert, £4.99

4. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Annabella, £24

5. Daniel Sandler Micro-Bubble Lipstick in Titanium Micro Red, £13.25

6. Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Rosewood, £21



I have known beauty guru and co-founder of BeautyMART, Millie Kendall for *take deep breath* twenty two years. I was Beauty Assistant at Marie Claire magazine and Millie had just brought the first make-up artists’ brand to hit UK shores, Shu Uemura, to Harvey Nichols.

Millie founded BeautyMART with former British Vogue Beauty Director, Anna Marie Solowij, which sells a perfectly edited selection of cult beauty products from around the world, both online and in stores such as Harvey Nichols and the flagship Topshop at Oxford Circus. She is probably most famous for being one half of cosmetics’ line, Ruby & Millie, which was sold in Boots.

However, from the first moment I met Millie, all those years ago, I loved her style. There was just something special about her. She wasn’t particularly ‘groomed’ (and will be the first to admit it), and her hair would regularly change colour from week to week, although I always think of her as brassy blonde (from a bottle of the finest hair bleach of course).

Millie can carry off scruffy boyfriend jeans with a beautiful pair of Gucci heels, barely any make-up with messy hair, or a girly girly dress and still look the epitome of style. And of course, if I ever need any beauty advice such as what BB cream or moisturiser should I buy, she is always my first port of call. When I sent her a text during X-Factor asking her if she knew where Lauren’s incredible gold eyeshadow might be from, she was able to tell me not only which make-up artist created it, but where I could get it. Within 30 seconds.

So it only made sense that Millie should be the first of The Yellow Dress’s ‘My Style’. And who doesn’t love poking into other people’s wardrobes and dressing tables?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 15.04.25

TYD: How would you define your style?

MK: “I like to think of myself as casual but not in the ’80s sense of the word. I’ve been wearing jeans and white T-shirts for three decades.”

TYD : Who are your style icons?

MK: “I love Annie Hall and Lauren Bacall. I like it when a woman dresses like a man, it looks cool. Women wearing trousers was quite radical at the time, but it’s so sexy.”

TYD: What have been your favourite pieces in your wardrobe and on your dressing table?

MK: “I have so many favourites, but my all-time favourite is a black Norma Kamali flamenco-style jumpsuit. I’ll never fit into it again, but it had a low back and was so sexy. I adore Carmex’s Healing Cream, but it’s the hardest thing to get here in the UK. I’ve begged them to bring it over.”

TYD: Is there anything you ever regret NOT buying?

MK: “It will always be shoes. There was one pair in particular, back in the 1990s, that I saw in a shop at the top of Portobello Road in London. They were so over the top and I just couldn’t justify it. I saw someone else wearing them and wished I’d got them. Even if I’d never worn them they would have been the most amazing pair of shoes just to own.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 15.05.22

TYD: What was your worst fashion mistake?

MK: “I’m still making them, but the one that really stands out is a Chanel suit that I bought when I got my MBE for Ruby & Millie. My dad (a hairdresser in Beverley Hills, LA) said that I had to look smart so I spent $10,000 dollars on a suit that makes me look like an old lady. I wear the jacket occasionally with jeans, I have to or I want to cry.  Not many people can say they own a Chanel suit, but it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done. When I think of the things I could have used that money for!”

TYD: Where do you like to shop?

MK: “I like Uniqlo for basics. It’s so organised and I love the way they co-ordinate everything. I LOVE personal shopping in any store from Selfridges to Topshop. I find clothes shopping quite intimidating, but this way somebody does it for you, for free! I tend to use it if I need something for an occasion, such as a special event or a holiday.

I also love vintage shopping. I buy my vintage pieces mainly in New York and LA, and the more unknown and out of the way the shops are, the better. I’m also a big fan of Mary Portas’s Mary’s Living & Giving Shop charity shops for Save The Children. All the stock is designer cast-offs in great condition and it’s nicely merchandised. The store in Primrose Hill, London has some really good stuff and it has a really fast turnaround of stock.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.47.25

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.48.27

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.50.54

TYD: What is your ‘can’t live without’ beauty product?

MK: “Legology Air-Lite. My daughter says it makes your legs feel as though they’re flying. I love everything about it. When we launched BeautyMART in Topshop, I was working in the store from 4am to 9pm and my legs were shaking and painful. I put on some Legology and was sold. I love it when something actually works. I stand on my feet all day and it makes a big difference to be able to come home, put this on and relax. It’s such a clever product. I also love the fact that everything about it reeks luxury. It’s so decadent to have a beauty product that’s just for your legs.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 21.50.03