Today’s post is about one of my favourite dresses, the traditional embroidered Mexican peasant dress. I also need to point out however, that poor Daisy had chicken pox last week, which is why she’s looking spotty in the picture above.

Because Daisy was off school all week, and the sun just happened to be shining (she chose well to have chicken pox last week), we had been out and about in the fresh air making the most of the warm days. It was Daisy’s idea that we should both wear our Mexican peasant dresses with gold sandals, on our picnic in the park, which makes a change as I struggle often to get her to wear anything but her My Little Pony T-shirt (note, I didn’t buy it but don’t have the heart to throw away) and leggings.

I bought my first of my Mexican dresses (below left) last summer from Elizabeth Palmer, who at the time was on Etsy. I love it, and have already worn it to death over the last few weeks, including a day at the beach yesterday. All her dresses are hand-embroidered and the quality is fantastic. She has a new website, which is slightly confusing, but if you message her through her Facebook page with any queries, she’s very helpful.

Another favourite, but for vintage (mainly 70s) dresses, particularly the heavily embroidered Oaxacan dresses (below right), is Vdingy, another Etsy favourite. Although based in Los Angeles, postage is reasonable, fast and reliable. It’s also worth checking back regularly as new stock is added all the time. My yellow Oaxacan dress is my favourite for this summer, although whilst researching for this blog post, a beautiful white dress with purple embroidery found it’s way into my shopping basket. I’m sure it will be making an appearance on Instagram soon after its arrival.


Over the weekend, again while researching for this blog post, I found two more fabulous Mexican dress boutiques which are definitely worth checking out, in addition to the ones below. The first is the Mexican Clothing Co, which has a huge range of embroidered dresses for both grown ups and little ones, in a wonderful range of colour combinations and patterns. They are also very reasonably priced. The second is The Little Tienda, who again, has a huge selection of colours and patterns.

So with my vintage Mexican Oaxacan dress winging it’s way across the Atlantic, I’m also really tempted to invest in a couple more for the summer. Apart from the fact that they’re so easy to throw on and comfortable to wear, they are so unusual and I have never been asked by so many people where my dresses are from.


 1. Pure Love Mex Mexican Embroidered Dress, £46.23

2. Vdingy Vintage Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress, £43.55

3. Vdingy Vintage Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress, £32.16

4. Vdingy Vintage Oaxacan Hand Embroidered Maxi Dress, £83.75

5. Vdingy Mexican Hand Embroidered Dress, £36.85


1. Xicana Store Girl’s Mexican Embroidered Dress, £26.90

2. Elizabeth Palmer Palomita Mexican Handmade Embroidered Girl’s Dress, approx £30

3, 4 and 5. Xicana Store Girl’s Mexian Embroidered Dress, £26.90



As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m having a bit of a pompoms and tassels moment this season. Show me a dress or top adorned with tassels or a basket smothered in pompoms and I’m a happy woman. The same goes for Daisy’s clothes. I cannot help myself. It didn’t start out as intentional, it just happened!

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been deprived all winter, but pompoms and tassels just don’t work in colder climes in the same way, they’re just a bit too, well, boho. Yet roll on summer and they come into their own.

As a woman in her forties though, there’s a limit to how far I can go, a tassel-fringed top, a pompom accessory is all well and good, but it should probably stop there. However, when it comes to Daisy, there are no limits, the more the better as far as I’m concerned. While a pompom may look silly on an adult, they just look adorable on children.

Next and Accessorize have a great selection of dresses and kaftans adorned with pompoms and tassels, along with pretty embroidery. I have a tendency to snap them up when I see them, because chances are, when the hot weather strikes (here’s hoping), they will have sold out.

Below are a few of my favourites, some of which have sneaked into Daisy’s wardrobe already.


 1. Sunuva Pink Cheesecloth Dress, £42

2. Accessorize Palm Tree Tassel Kaftan, £17

3. Next Yellow Pom Pom Trim Dress, from £18

4. Everbloom Studio Pink & Turquoise Pompom Headband, approx £12

5. Next Pom Pom Embroidered Dress, from £17

6. Everbloom Studio Tassel Necklace, approx £18





I love it when I find something new, and Juju Bunny Shop for children’s clothing is no exception. Based in the US (don’t let this put you off), I came across Juju Bunny Shop on Pinterest. It’s such a refreshing change from the majority of the children’s clothes on the high street, with many pieces having that lovely handmade look to them.

Each piece is actually sent from Korea (who knew the Koreans were so fashion forward when it comes to children’s clothes?), so can take up to three weeks to arrive. Stock also sells out very quickly, although new items are added almost daily, so it’s one of those websites that you should check regularly for exciting new things.

I am in love with the glitter Mary Jane shoes, along with the pink and white striped raincoat, denim culottes, and pretty lace-detail blouse, in fact, my shopping list could go on and on.


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.16.26

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.18.32

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.14.06

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.22.18

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.13.06

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.32.32

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.25.36

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.14.39

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 09.25.16



We had friends to stay this weekend, and out of pure coincidence, the girls both embraced spring with yellow, so being The Yellow Dress, I thought I should do a post on the ‘little yellow dress’.

When you grow out of being in single digits, and even more so once you reach the end of your teens, yellow becomes an incredibly difficult colour to wear. Too pale and it’s draining, too strong and you stand out like a banana. Yellow is not easy.

I would love to wear yellow, but am rarely brave enough. It’s striking when you get it right, but finding the right shade to suit your skin tone is a task in itself. However, when you’re little, yellow looks amazing, as Daisy (above right) and her gorgeous friend, Minky, are testament to. Blonde or brunette, pale or dark, it doesn’t matter, it just works.

Minky’s yellow cotton dress is a recent purchase from John Lewis, while Daisy’s is an I Love Gorgeous hand-me-down from Minky (thank you Minky). I’ve done some research for you, and there are plenty of beautiful one out there from soft creamy yellow to bright buttercup. Which will be your little yellow dress?



little yellow dress

1. Sunuva Yellow Broderie Flutter Dress, £42

2. I Love Gorgeous Yellow Nell Dress, £45

3. John Lewis Girl Yellow Pinafore Dress, from £14

4. Zara Striped Dress, £15.99

5. Mini Boden Daisy Dress, from £35

6. Sunuva Cheesecloth Dress, £42

7. I Love Gorgeous Yellow Iliad Dress, £65



I grew up in the 1970s, and with that came dungarees. I hated them with a passion, but my mother made me wear them. I was a crimpoline and frills kind of girl at heart, and was convinced that everybody would think I was a boy. But I didn’t just have dungarees, oh no, I had them in a variety of colours too, ranging from denim to bottle green and poppy red. Very ‘on trend’ for the time I have no doubt, knowing my mother, but they have haunted me to this very day.

Now that dungarees are one of the hottest looks for the new season – and yes, that’s for grown ups – you won’t see me dead in them. Despite the fact that I consider myself way over the hill for dungarees, my childhood horror put paid to any experimentation with the ‘D’ word.

However… there is nothing quite like living your fashion dreams through your children! I would never give Daisy a free rein to choose what she wants fashion-wise (she picked up a pair of shiny Frozen leggings which proves my point) – those battles are yet to come – but neither will I force her to wear something that she doesn’t like. So when I showed her these dungarees (above) in H&M this week, I was surprised when she gave the thumbs up. Clearly, she doesn’t take after me. H&M also have 20% off all kid’s denim at the moment.

Just like my mother before me, I love little girls in dungarees. They’re play-in-the-mud, running-free-in-the-park kind of cool. Dungarees are the ultimate children’s outfit, and if it also means that my child is ahead of the game in the fashion stakes, then I’m quite happy with that too.

The important thing is that she likes wearing them, and I love the fact that I have a mini-me boho chick. You will never, ever see us in a double dungaree selfie, rest assured, but I will enjoy her in her scruffy dungarees for as long as she’s willing to wear them.


1. H&M Dungarees, £14.39, and H&M Wide Blouse, £5.99

2. Mini Boden Dungaree Dress, from £24, and Next Brights Tie Dye Tee, from £10

3. H&M Bib Shorts, £11.99, and Next Stripe T-Shirt, from £4