One of my favourite fashion illustrators, Miss Magpie Fashion Spy, otherwise known as Niki Groom, launched a gorgeous range of cards and stationary back in the summer. In addition, she has now added the most fabulous Christmas cards to the range. Now that we’re into December, I feel I can finally mention the ‘C’ word.

Each card features Niki’s whimsical drawings all in Miss Magpie Fashion Spy’ signature style, with each girl wearing ‘must-have’ outfits, whether it’s a cheeky red cocktail dress and heels, or a cosy Christmas jumper and bobble hat.

Of course, like every parent with school-age children, we have a pile of Daisy’s beautifully designed Christmas cards that she did at school, which will go out to all the family. However, my favourite girlfriends will be receiving these beautiful ‘fashionable’ Christmas cards. You know who you are!







Last Friday, for the first time in months, I had a day all to myself and I thought I would share with you my day as illustrated by Miss Magpie Fashion Spy. A friend took Daisy to school so that I could get ready without rushing. It was bliss. I wore a new black lace and crepe dress from & Other Stories, black leather and suede boots, pink coat and M.A.C.’s red lipstick in Lady Danger.

I was off to the Thea Porter talk by fashion curator, historian and editor, Laura McClaws Helms at Bath In Fashion, but first, I was meeting fashion illustrator, Niki Groom, aka Miss Magpie Fashion Spy.

I have been a huge fan of Niki’s work, since discovering her last year on Instagram. I love the fact that within minutes she can create a beautiful girl wearing to-die-for outfits that are also fun and quirky. I also have to thank her for making me look like a glamorous ‘fashioninsta’!

Niki has produced work for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, Cosmo, Accessorize and Clinique to name but a few. I’ve been dying for her to do an illustration for me, but while she sat next to me scribbling these beautiful images below from the talk, I didn’t have the nerve to ask. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the picture above was emailed to me later that day. A keepsake for sure.

Over coffee, we hatched a few very exciting ideas, so in the future, who knows, there may well be a Yellow Dress and Miss Magpie Fashion Spy collaboration. In the meantime, Niki is launching Miss Magpie Fashion Spy stationary in the autumn, and has more exciting plans in the pipeline (check her Instagram for updates).

My next task is to ask her for a sketch of Daisy and I together. I would love that.

IMG_1777Niki sketched ideas while we listed to the Thea Porter talk at Bath In Fashion

IMG_1779Adding a touch of colour to the world of Thea Porter. Can I have the lilac dress please?

IMG_1794Fashion curator and historian, Laura McClaws Helms wearing vintage Thea Porter

IMG_1799Thea Porter’s famous Gypsy dress

IMG_1792Miss Magpie Fashion Spy at work

IMG_1782My sketch in the making



This post is about my new stationery, but first of all I would like to introduce you to the girl in the yellow dress. She is forty-something, glamorous and the epitome of style. She is everything I would like to be (apart from the forty-something, which I’ve already achieved. Still working on the rest). I suppose she’s my alter ego. I have the bag, even the hair when it was longer and I’d had a professional blowdry, and I could lose a couple of stone (not lbs, note).

When thinking about my ‘branding’ I knew that I wanted to have a woman that I could both relate and aspire to, and of course she had to be wearing a yellow dress. I had seen a beautiful Marc Jacobs dress on Pinterest ( below) and it was my dream dress, so it went without saying that that’s what she had to wear.


I considered drawing the girl in the yellow dress myself – my husband even bought me a sketch pad – but after a couple of attempts I knew that I was no fashion illustrator. I found illustrator, Corissa Nelson, on Etsy, and together we came up with the girl in the yellow dress.



I’ve started my new stationery collection with postcards, as I can write a message on them or they can be used as a business card. I just can’t wait to start sending them out.