This weekend, I discovered the most incredible and dirt cheap glitter eye make-up. I came across it whilst looking for purple hairspray for Daisy’s seventh birthday party. It was a haunted house theme, and Daisy was dressing up as a bat with purple hair! I was going for the goth look, all in black with crows’ feathers in my hair.

So that’s when I came across Laval’s face and body glitter shaker, little pots of glitter which I thought would look great on the eyelids (very similar to M.A.C.’s Glitter, £16, but for a fraction of the price). I opted for purple – to colour co-ordinate with Daisy (!!).


Because it was so cheap, I was slightly concerned that it may a. irritate my eyes, and/or b. clash with my contact lenses. It did neither. I used a dab of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream underneath (Vaseline would have worked just as well, it was just what I happened to have on my dressing table), and the effect was amazing.

It lasted all afternoon and well into the evening without any touching up. I have used expensive eye glitters in the past, and this was as good as the best of them, if not, dare I say it, better.

I found the Laval glitter at my local dressing up shop, but it’s also available online. Generally it’s priced from £3.20 on Ebay, but I have also found a few shades for 99p here.

Perfect for all those festive parties over the next few weeks, without breaking the bank.