I’m lucky enough to be going away later this week for a month which has prompted some hasty last minute holiday buys. Daisy and I down tools and head to a friend’s house on a remote Greek island where there is nothing but a couple of beaches, a few restaurants and bars, two or three shops and a cafe selling the most delicious baklava and homemade ice cream.

There is NO shopping. Unless you count glow sticks, friendship bracelets and Greek pottery (admittedly after four weeks even this becomes pretty appealing!). So as a result I have to be organised when it comes to my holiday packing and make sure that we take everything we need.

Because our summer hasn’t really felt as though it’s started here in the UK, this holiday has crept up on me all rather too quickly, resulting in some last minute holiday shopping. Obviously this is no bad thing, as the sales are on and I have managed to bag a few bargains. After a visit to Monsoon last weekend, I stocked up on two gorgeous white beach cover-ups and a white linen dress for the evening.

A visit to Primark (which I usually avoid out of principle but just found myself in there), resulted in a pair of beaded Birkenstock-esque flip flops for £8. I also found the most stunning pair of embellished sandals at River Island (see below), but sadly there is not a pair in my size to be found.

If you’re a regular reader of The Yellow Dress, you’ll know that I’m completely obssessed by Mexican dresses. I’m ashamed to say that I have a vintage embroidered dress in most colours, but they’re so easy to wear and the darker shades can be worn in the winter with boots. My latest Mexican love is the embroidered off-the-shoulder dress, preferably vintage.

After a long search however, I struggled to find a nice enough vintage one, but instead came across a brilliant shop, Little Mexico Shop, on ebay (see below). They come in a huge range of colours and the pale pink which I ordered is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely gauzy fabric and well made. It will be perfect for those warm, balmy Greek evenings.

Happy holidays!


  1. Mes Demoiselles Atoll Floaty Dress, was £156, now £109
  2. Little Mexico Shop Embroidered Mexican Peasant Dress, approx £39
  3. Accessorize Jaipur Embellished Sandals, were £35, now £17.50
  4. Next Shape Enhancing Swimsuit, from £25
  5. River Island Nude Leather Embellished Sandals, £48
  6. Edit 58 Large Moroccan Pom Pom Basket, £35




















I’m not really a hat person, they make my head hot and flatten my hair, but I have fallen in love with the fedora. For the first time in years, I wore a straw hat to protect my hair during the summer when I was on holiday and grew to rather like it. And it’s yet another fashion accessory, just like a scarf or bag, it can completely change the look of your outfit.

It’s taken me a while to find the right fedora. As I’m still getting used to the idea of wearing a hat, I didn’t want a particularly big or dark one that really stood out. Something a little more subtle for this wallflower! I found this one in the sale at Anthropologie, reduced from £38 to £14.95, a real bargain. It goes with most of my wardrobe as it’s a relatively neutral shade, will take me through to spring, and is comfortable to wear (if I leave it on a chair it has also been known to make a great cat cushion).

Below are a few of my other favourites. Perhaps when I’m feeling braver I’ll treat myself to another one (I adore no4).



 1. Accessorize Emily Buckle Fedora

2. Accessorize Cara Fedora Hat

3. River Island Pink Metal Trim Fedora Hat

4. Topshop Pink Wide Brim Fedora

5. River Island Blue Green Trim Fedora Hat

6. River Island Green Oversized Fedora Hat




“Has she gone mad?” I hear you ask, as today’s blog post is awash with hot summery pictures from my month in Greece last year. However, bear with me, because this post is in fact about clever and sassy sale shopping. Now.

I used to hate the sales, and to some degree still do. I can’t be doing with trawling through rails and rails of clothes simply to find a bargain. If I didn’t want it first time round, the chances are I won’t now. But… as years have gone by, and the internet has changed the way most of us shop (making sale shopping a breeze), I have become as crafty as the next sale shopper.

I have two sale shopping tips:

1. Shop now for next season. This is particularly easy at this time of year, as most fashion companies have now cottoned onto the fact that many people like to escape to hotter climes during the winter, and stock accordingly. I’ve just ordered a couple of pretty kaftans from Accessorize for Daisy which were less than half price, and I’m tempted by the gorgeous cover-ups below (bottom), from children’s swimwear company, Sunuva. I’m also very tempted by the Melissa Odabash one-piece swim suit below, reduced from £185 to £56, a whopping 70% off.

Sale shopping also used to mean that by this time in January, only the dregs were left, but with so many stores turning around several collections a year, there is a high turnover and therefore more reductions for us to choose from. However, if you see something and it’s available in your size, snap it up. Go back in an hour and it could be gone.

2. Shop now for next winter. This relates mainly to children’s wear. There are certain brands that I adore, such as Elfie London and ilovegorgeous, but simply cannot justify the expense for a few months wear, so when they have their sale, I stock up on clothes for Daisy in a size bigger than she is now for next winter.

So as I’m feeling the post-festive blues and a cold and wet January kicks off, I’m turning my thoughts to the summer, planning holidays in my head, and of course, shopping for the occasion!

For big girls:



 1. Melissa Odabash Laura Embroidered Voile Kaftan, Net-A-Porter

2. Star Mela Beaded Sandals

3. Accessorize Friendship Bracelets

4. Melissa Odabash Menorca Ruched Halterneck Swimsuit, Net-A-Porter

5. Melissa Odabash Toya Embroidered Voile Mini Dress, Net-A-Porter

6. Anthropologie Beaded Sandals

7. Accessorize Hawaii Mini Pouch Bag

8. Accessorize Samba Embellished Clutch

For little girls:


1. Sunuva Mexicana Embroidered Dress

2. Sunuva Dandelion Kaftan

3. Sunuva Mexicana Bikini

4. Sunuva Star Flutter Dress

5. Sunuva Dandelion Swimsuit

6. Accessorize Stripey Kaftan