This is my last post of the summer: Goodbye Summer! I feel as though I have spent the majority of this summer, waiting for it to begin, but from what I hear, it is now well and truly over. I am lucky enough to be in the South of France, a couple of weeks snatched at very end of the school holidays. We’ve had mixed weather, but on the whole it’s been pretty glorious (sorry!).

So, in tribute of lost balmy days, the feel of the sun on your skin (a few days in July if I remember rightly), and long summer evenings, I am posting a selection of pictures of my pompom baskets on their French travels, along with some of the dresses that I have blogged about over the last few months.

Enjoy, and here’s to summer 2016!








Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.06.29





As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m having a bit of a pompoms and tassels moment this season. Show me a dress or top adorned with tassels or a basket smothered in pompoms and I’m a happy woman. The same goes for Daisy’s clothes. I cannot help myself. It didn’t start out as intentional, it just happened!

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been deprived all winter, but pompoms and tassels just don’t work in colder climes in the same way, they’re just a bit too, well, boho. Yet roll on summer and they come into their own.

As a woman in her forties though, there’s a limit to how far I can go, a tassel-fringed top, a pompom accessory is all well and good, but it should probably stop there. However, when it comes to Daisy, there are no limits, the more the better as far as I’m concerned. While a pompom may look silly on an adult, they just look adorable on children.

Next and Accessorize have a great selection of dresses and kaftans adorned with pompoms and tassels, along with pretty embroidery. I have a tendency to snap them up when I see them, because chances are, when the hot weather strikes (here’s hoping), they will have sold out.

Below are a few of my favourites, some of which have sneaked into Daisy’s wardrobe already.


 1. Sunuva Pink Cheesecloth Dress, £42

2. Accessorize Palm Tree Tassel Kaftan, £17

3. Next Yellow Pom Pom Trim Dress, from £18

4. Everbloom Studio Pink & Turquoise Pompom Headband, approx £12

5. Next Pom Pom Embroidered Dress, from £17

6. Everbloom Studio Tassel Necklace, approx £18





I love clutch bags, so when I saw this giant clutch from ASOS, I knew it was the one for me (especially as I’m so obsessed with tassels). Admittedly, many of my clutches rarely see the light of day. They are the perfect evening bag, but with a six-year-old daughter, I am hardly the party animal these days, so they come out only once in a while. But then, that’s one of the things I love about them, because it makes them special.

However, the giant clutch is a different story altogether. Whilst being handbag size (and generous at that), but without the strap, it will prove very useful indeed. For a business meeting in town, it will hold my iPad and various notebooks, it may even hold my laptop at a push. It’s not very practical for the school run, but then it never pretended to be.

I’m also looking forward to taking my new giant clutch on a rare night out. It will dress up the simplest outfit, but look just as great with an evening dress. All I need to find out now, is what my husband is planning for Valentine’s evening!



1. ASOS Mega Tassel Clutch Bag, £45

2. Kotur James Fringed Elaphe Clutch, £550, Net-A-Porter

3. Accessorize Gold Leather Soft Ziptop Clutch, £25

4. & Other Stories Snakeskin Embossed Leather Clutch, £39

5. & Other Stories Reptile Leather Clutch, £29